Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Technology Licked the Red Off My Lollipop

So, I got a job a couple of months ago and I was looking forward to getting my first Israeli paycheck. I was thinking of making a copy of the check just as a keepsake. Turns out my payment will be by direct deposit. I guess I'll get a statement but it's just not the same. "Oh! Look! I totally forgot I had this. Here's a copy of my bank statement that shows my first direct deposit in Israel!"


At 7/12/2006 4:46 AM, Blogger Sam said...

you're funny

and cute!

At 7/12/2006 11:42 AM, Blogger RR said...

I was also surprised by that when I had my first job here, too. Then I realized that EVERYONE here gets paid that way. I don't think anyone receives an actual check- just a statement of deposit.


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