Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Grey's Anatomy

I really like Grey's Anatomy. It's been playing on the Yes cable network here in Israel. Thank God for TV distribution.

Last night I watched the latest episode. We're behind the US - so don't leave comments giving away details. No spoilers please! :) Anyway, it's the episode where this guy gets bazooka ammo stuck in his chest and there is a lot of drama around getting it out - he lives, a woman gives birth, people have sex. What more could you want from a hour of TV?!

I notice lots of inconsistencies in TV and movie making. At one point in this episode Meredith's lip gloss wears off while her hand is stuck inside the guy along with the bomb. After the commercial break her lips are red and shiny again. I mean, I know it's TV - but I notice little things like that.

Toward the end of the episode, the bomb explodes while a guy from the bomb squat carries it off to dispose of it. You see the explosion and at one point his empty bulletproof vest goes flying through the air. Today I went with my friend J to eat a late lunch in downtown Jerusalem. While we were sitting there, I kept thinking back to that episode - the horror of the explosion. There have been many homicide bombings in a 2 block radius from where I sat for lunch. I thought about that for a minute and imagined what that must have been like. The visual from Grey's Anatomy helped me really connect with the power of these explosions.

Thank God that there haven't been many homicide bombings here lately. (Knock on wood, tfu tfu, tfu, salt over the shoulder, etc.) We've been busy dealing with a different type of war and its aftermath. I'm still gradually coming to terms with where I live and what that means.


At 8/30/2006 5:42 PM, Blogger RR said...

I love that show! And that was a really good episode last night.

I'm mad for McDreamy (he should just dump his wife already- he's obviously only with her out of guilt and obligation- and hook up with Meredith), but bomb-squad hunk Kyle Chandler was, well, DA BOMB! I thought it might be cool if Meredith could forget about the doc and go for Kyle- but, alas, all my plans all went up in smoke, as it were.

Oh, and it was neat how at the beginning of the last ep, George was dreaming about the 3 girls in the shower together- and at the end of last night's ep, he actually did see them all in the shower...though it wasn't QUITE the same as in his dream.

How I would love never to hear about another suicide bombing in this country ever again. Wishful thinking, unfortunately.


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