Friday, August 04, 2006

Lighten Up

I've been feeling a little down lately - or stressed - or stressed and down. Who knows?! The other day on my walk to lunch I took my camera and here are some funny things I found.

This sign made me laugh. The second destination, "HaMoshava HaGermanit" in English is "The German Colony". There isn't an English translation for Rehavya and Talpiot, so those words are transliterated - an English speaker unfamiliar with Hebrew would have no idea what "HaMoshava HaGermanit" is! I also like how the orange flowers in the trees coordinate with the sign! Notice the three languages on the sign - Hebrew, Arabic, and English...or sorta English.

This pedestrian crossing sign is all dressed up.

The man on the other side of the same sign is in drag.

You can see more photos of Jerusalem and other parts of my life in my flickr photo collection. Click on the picutres in the header or follow the link.


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