Thursday, August 10, 2006

World Pride Guide: Final Update (Aug 10, 11, 12)

AUG 10


World Congress of LGBT Jews/Keshet Ga’avah Mini-conference, 09:00-13:30

Dan Panorama Hotel, 39 Keren Hayesod St., Jerusalem


Gender variations in Mishnah


Jewish, queer, a camera in the hand and a script in mind


“Queer with guns: what can the US learn from the Israeli experience?”


Across the street facing Liberty Bell Park, 18:00-20:00

Continuing to live - Continuing to love

As a result of the current hostilities in the region, the Jerusalem WorldPride march has been postponed. We hope and pray together with our colleagues and supporters around the world for a near end to hostilities and suffering in the region.

Even at these trying times, the struggle for equality, human rights, and a progressive LGBT community in Jerusalem is relevant and necessary. During the time that the Pride March was supposed to be held, the JOH, along with other human rights organizations, will hold a protest-rally against the incitement, oppression and violence towards the LGBT community. We will continue to defend the principles we have always promoted: peace, tolerance, and respect for diversity in all its forms.

It is essential for us to express publicly our outrage against the hate campaign targeting our community in a peaceful manner. We ask from all of those who wish to join in this protest to stand quietly and respectfully in line with the JOH staff, in order to avoid altercations with the local authorities.


At HaOman17, Talpiyot, Jerusalem,

· DJ Yuval Zach will spin until the early hours of the morning.

· Oral presentation followed by performances by Korin Al-al and Dana Berger,. 20:00

· Performances by Funk´n´Stein, the band hosting Sha’anan Streett (HaDag Nahash), 23:00

AUG 11


Shabbat Service, Beit Shmuel roof


6 Eliyahu Shama St., Jerusalem, 02-6203456

At sunset we will meet on the roof of Bet Shmuel to welcome in the Shabbat with a Shabbat service and celebration in the best of Open House tradition, with the UJA – Federation of New York - Partnership 2000.”



Cinema 1, NIS 35, 1 Sderot Shezar, Jerusalem, 02-5654333


A father and son collide over the son’s sexual orientation (Jean-Marc Vallee, Canada, 2005, 125 min. French, Subtitles in Hebrew).


“I Love You”

Barbur Gallery, 6 Shirizali St., Jerusalem, 10:00-14:00, 054-7232866, (see Sunday’s schedule for details).

Exhibit dealing with the themes of transgender spirituality, space and time,

Dayla, 4 Shlom Tsion Ha´malka, 02-6234233, 10:00-14:00, (see Monday’s schedule for details).

Eli Vardi presenting,

Bayit Katan, 80 Baka Hevron Rd., 02-6714888.

9:00- 14:00

Award-winning Israeli artist presenting homoerotic paintings and drawings


Balkan Beat Box

Yellow Submarine, 13 Harechavim St., Talpiot, Jerusalem, 22:30, NIS 70-80, 02-6794040

BBB are Tamir Muskat and Ori Kaplan, joined by the gifted musicians/composers Itamar Ziegler, Dana Leong, Tomer Yosef and other great musicians. Both Tamir and Ori have been active for a decade in NYC´s premier underground bands like Firewater, Gogol Bordello, J.U.F, Big Lazy, Shot´nez, Victoria Hanna. Collaborating with VJ´s and MC-Vocalist, Percussionist Tomer Yosef, the BBB show comes to life.


Rishponashim celebrates WorldPride, Club Feeling,

Yarkonim Junction (15 minutes Northeast of Tel Aviv), NIS 75-85, 052-2592876, 054-5642321

22:30 Rishponashim line of women´s parties, celebrates WorldPride with a women´s party featuring food and gay products stands, unlimited alcohol and guest appearances including "Margol,” for women 18 and up.

Gays n´ Roses - 24:00, HaOman 17, 88 Abarbanel St., Tel Aviv, FFF Party Line presents 14 hours marathon, 80-120NIS

Gay Terminal - 24:00, The Dome, 19 Hatsefirah St., Tel Aviv, DJ Party, 80-140NIS

AUG 12


Forever Young

Kol Ha’isha, 40 King George St., Jerusalem, 11:00

The adult community of the Jerusalem Open House invites people aged fifty and over to discuss issues related to the community.


Kol Ha’isha, 40 King George St., Jerusalem, 14:00

Bi´s and their local and overseas friends join for a social gathering.

Women´s Meeting

Kol Ha’isha, 40 King George St., Jerusalem, 20:30

Parents Conference

The German Colony, Jerusalem, 20:00

For details call Chana, 052-3456427

A conference and party for the Parents of Lesbian and Gay Children Movement.


Breakfast on Pluto

Cinema 1, NIS 35, Cinematheque at Binyane Ha’uma, 1 Bulevard Shezar, Jerusalem, 02-5654333. 21:30 (See Wednesday schedule for details)


Yifat Netz

Syndrome, 18 Hillel St., Jerusalem NIS 25-35. 21:00

Jaqueline Jonee

HaMa´abada (The Lab), 28 Hebron Road, Jerusalem, NIS 50-60, 02-6292001. 21:00

A truly remarkable evening featuring a concert by the grand pianist drag-diva, female impersonator Jaqueline Jonee. Truly a remarkable evening…


Exhibit dealing with the themes of transgender spirituality, space and time

Dayla, 4 Shlom Tsion Ha´malka, 02-6234233, 20:00-midnight, (see Mondays schedule for details).

Eli Vardi presenting, Bayit Katan

80 Baka Hevron Rd. Jerusalem, 02-6714888, 20:00-midnight

Award-winning Israeli artist presenting homoerotic paintings and drawings.


Spicy Tigers on Speed

Yellow Submarine, 13 Harechavim St., Talpiot, Jerusalem, NIS 50-60, 02-6794040


An original show from Berlin, incorporating drag queens, drag kings, gender bender – live performances. After the show, DJ Nogistica will play a kickin´ set throughout the night.


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