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World Pride Guide Parts 3 and 4 (Aug 8 and 9)

Tuesday August 8:

WorldPride Human Rights Day

The Human Rights Day, a part of the WorldPride 2006 events, reflects the LGBT community’s involvement in the field of human rights. During this day we will present a historic evaluation of the community’s struggle for human rights, conduct a debate of the difference in this field in various countries and sectors, and a discussion of the challenges that the community is currently facing.

Human Rights Day Schedule:

Study Tours:

· Ir-Amim Study Tours along the Jerusalem Envelope:

Tuesday August 8, 10:00-14:00 or Wednesday August 9, 15:00-19:00.

Pre-register at Ir-Amim, 02-6233973 or adva@ir-amim.org.il

The Israeli non-profit organization, Ir Amim ("City of Nations" or "City of Peoples"), will provide a first-hand encounter with the security barrier and its ramifications. The study tour, which roughly follows the Jerusalem municipal line, will examine the implications of the barrier on the daily life in the city.

During the study tour we will discuss the historical, political and social developments of the city since 1967, the various considerations which led to the construction of the barrier along its current route, and the consequences of the Jerusalem Envelope

· Rabbis for Human Rights Study Tour to East Jerusalem

9 Harechavim St., 10:00-13:00, pre-register at JOH: 02-6253191.

Rabbis for Human Rights is an organization giving voice to the Jewish tradition of human rights. RHR promotes justice and freedom, while campaigning against discrimination and inhumane conduct. Rabbis For Human Rights will lead a tour that begins at their centre, 9 Harechavim St., with a study of the scripts and it relation today and then continue to demolished houses, and houses under the threat of demolition in East Jerusalem. The tour will include a discussion with families in East Jerusalem affected by the demolition policies, and a visit to a house rebuilt by Rabbis Ffor Human Rights

For the following event and tours pre-register at the JOH: 02-6253191

8:30am – 9:30am Dan Panorama Hotel, 39 Keren Hayesod St. Jerusalem

Briefing by Rachel Liel, Director of SHATIL - the New Israel Fund´s Center for Empowerment and Training of Social Change Organizations, on civil society and the work of organizations in the fields of human rights, religious pluralism and social justice.

The New Israel Fund (NIF), a partnership of Israelis, North Americans and Europeans, is today the leading funder of social change in Israel. SHATIL complements NIF grant making by providing NIF grantees and other organizations with hands-on training and consultation in the basics of nonprofit management, coordinating coalitions, and running field projects.

9:30am – 12:15pm

3 Simultaneous Site Visits to a variety of Social Change Organizations in Jerusalem. JOH will be organizing busses that will depart from Dan Panorama Hotel.

Track 1

Bizchut: Center for Human Rights of Persons with Disabilities, advocates for the rights of disabled individuals in areas such as housing, education, health and employment.

Mahapach aims to create educational opportunities for children and youth in disempowered neighborhoods while nurturing independent local leadership for social change.

Track 2

Community Advocacy works to raise awareness of residents regarding their social rights and empower them to access these rights.

Kol Ha-Isha (The Woman´s Voice) is a grassroots, multicultural, feminist center dedicated to empowering women and working for social equality and justice, engaging issues such as women´s rights, violence against women and the growing economic distress of women in Israel.

Track 3

Yedid assists communities on the geographic and cultural periphery of Israeli society, fosters relationships among diverse sectors of the population, and brings disenfranchised communities closer to the principles and practice of democracy.

The Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) is Israel’s leading human and civil rights organization and the only one dealing with the entire spectrum of rights and liberties.


Jerusalem WorldPride will showcase a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for faith leaders from around the world to take a stand against bigotry and promote a message of love and tolerance. The Multifaith Convocation (August 8-9, 2006) will allow people of all faiths to explore ways in which our teachings convey respect for the dignity of all people. To live by these values, people of faith must strive to recognize that LGBT people share equally in the spark of the divine.

This message is perfectly suited to the Jerusalem venue of this Holy Meeting. It is also precisely the message that can most effectively mobilize grassroots support for progressive political change worldwide. The Multifaith Convocation, titled "Reclaiming Our Faith and Our Heritage," will take place within the exceptionally beautiful compound of Beit Shmuel and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR), the Reform rabbinical seminary that overlooks the walls of Jerusalem’s Old City.

The Multifaith Convocation at Jerusalem WorldPride 2006 has the potential to mark a turning point in the history of the LGBT movement. We will be making a declaration of faith from the hilltops of Jerusalem; our voices will echo worldwide.


Evening of Tuesday August 8

Opening Ceremony of Multifaith Conference, 18:30

HUC Courtyard, 13 King David St., Jerusalem, pre-registration 02-6250051

With speeches from three keynote speakers of the Convocation.

The Convocation will take place on Wednesday (see below).


Amazing Grace

Cinema 1, 17:00, NIS 35, 1 Sderot Shezar, 02-5654333

The power of love is tested in this film about two young men and their hesitant relationship.

(Amos Gutman, Israel, 1992, 95 min. (Hebrew, Subtitles in English)

Paper Dolls

Cinema 1, 19:30, NIS 35, 1 Sderot Shezar, 02-5654333.

Paper Dolls explores changing patterns of global immigration and expanding notions of family through the prism of a community of transvestites from the Philippines who came to Israel as foreign workers (Tomer Heyman, Israel, 2006, 83 min. Tagalog and English, Subtitles in Hebrew & English)

Good Boys

Cinema 2, 20:00, NIS 35, 1 Sderot Shezar, 02-5654333.

Two male prostitutes meet and form an unlikely connection (Yair Hochner, Israel, 2005, 75 min. Hebrew, Subtitles in English)

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros, ISRAELI PREMIERE

Cinema 1, 21:30, NIS 35, 1 Sderot Shezar, 02-5654333

Twelve-year old Maxie cooks, cleans and sews for his family and copes with being gay in the Philippines (Auraeus Solito, Philippines, 2005, 100 min. English, Phillipino, Tagalog, Subtitles in Eng)

Between The Lines: India´s Third Gender,

Cinema 2, 21:30, NIS 35, 1 Sderot Shezar, 02-5654333, see Monday for details


The Presence of Unawareness (or: What You Know)

Beit Ha’omanim artists house, 20:30, 12 Shmuel Hanagid St., Jerusalem, 02-6253653, see Monday for details.

Exhibit dealing with the themes of transgender spirituality space and time,

Dayla, 4 Shlom Tsion Ha´malka, 02-6234233, 16:00midnight, see details on Monday.

Eli Vardi presenting, Bayit Katan

Baka, 80 Hevron Rd., 02-6714888, 9 a.m. – 1 a.m.

Award-winning Israeli artist presenting homoerotic paintings and drawings.

High and Low Tides

Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, 16:00-23:00, 02-6233257

A group exhibition presenting paintings, photos, illustrations and sculptures.


Leah Shabbat

Syndrome, 21:00, 12 Hillel St., Jerusalem (NIS 25-35)

Leah Shabbat, a soul singer, writer and composer, will perform from her repertoire.


Peot Kdushot 3 (”Holy Wigs”)

Beit Shmuel, 21:00, 6 Eliyahu Shamaa St., Jerusalem, NIS 50-90, 02-6203456

The original Jerusalemite drag queens, in their third show, bring their drag show back home.


"Deep Shake" - DJ Elliot performs "gay masterpieces" with tunes from the renowned Grace Jones and Kurt Cobain. The Minerva Bar, 98 Allenby St., Tel Aviv, 22:00.

Wednesday August 9:


Reclaiming Our Faith and Our Heritage: Jerusalem WorldPride Multi-faith Convocation, Beit Shmuel Complex – Hebrew Union College, 08:30, 6 Eliyahu Shamaa St., Jerusalem, NIS 50, 02-6203456,

Speakers will include:

Rev. Pat Bumgardner (Senior Pastor of MCC of New York)

Irshad Manji (author of “The Trouble With Islam Today”)

Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum (Senior Rabbi of Congregation Beth Simchat Torah, NY)

Rabbi Naama Kelman (HUC)

Rabbi Ayelet Cohen (Associate Rabbi, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah)

Father James Alison (author, “Faith Beyond Resentment: Fragments, Catholic and Gay)

Rabbi David Lazar (Rabbi, Masorti Conservative Congregation, Tifereth Shalom, founding director of RIKMA, Rabbinic Chaplain for Israel AIDS Task Force)

Rabbi Steve Greenberg (author, “Wrestling With God and Men: Homosexuality in the Jewish Tradition”)

Please sign up early through www.worldpride.net


Multifaith Prayer Service

at HUC Garden


Plenary I – Ritual and Liturgical Innovation and Challenges, Beit Shmuel Auditorium


Keynote, “Why Gay is Good: Introducing the Moral Values Project,” Prof. Chai Feldblum, Beit Shmuel Auditorium


Lunch at Beit Shmuel Auditorium


Workshop Sessions at HUC


Plenary II – Challenges for LGBT Inclusion in Religious Life, Beit Shmuel Auditorium


Closing Ceremony, HUC Courtyard


Breakfast on Pluto

Cinema 1, 16:30, NIS 35, 1 Sderot Shezar, 02-5654333, 02-5654350

Gentle Patrick changes his name to “Kitten” and finds love and tragedy during a quest to find the mother who abandoned him. (Neil Jordan, U.K./Ireland, 2005, 130 min., English, Subtitles in Hebrew)

Trembling Before G-d

Cinema 2, 18:00, NIS 35, 1 Sderot Shezar St., 02-5654333, 02-5654350

An exploration of LGBT life in Orthodox and Hassidic communities from Brooklyn to Jerusalem. (Sandy Simcha DuBowski, US, 2000,84 min. Eng., Heb. & Yiddish, Subtitles in Heb) The movie will be followed by a discussion with Rabbi Steve Greenberg.


Cinema 1, 19:00, NIS 35, 1 Sderot Shezar, 02-5654333.

In an enduring photograph of September 11, a team of rescue workers carry a Franciscan priest´s body from the World Trade Center. The world came to know Father Mychal Judge, Chaplain, FDNY, in death as a symbol of courage and sacrifice. (Glenn Holsten, U.S.A., 2005, 90 min. Eng., Subtitles in Heb.) The movie will be followed by a discussion with Rabbi Malcolm Lazin, Ex. Producer and founder of Equality Forum.

Sancharram (The Journey)

Cinema 2, 21:30, NIS 35, 1 Sderot Shezar, 02-5654333. (see Monday’s schedule for details)

The Bubble

Cinema 1, 22:00, NIS 35, 1 Sderot Shezar, 02-5654333

The lives and loves of three Tel Aviv roommates transcend borders and conflict. (Eytan Fox, Israel, 2006, 120 min., Hebrew only) The movie will be followed by a discussion with Gal Uchovsky, Ex. Producer.


The Presence of Unawareness (or: What You Know), Beit Ha’omanim artists house, 20:30, 12 Shmuel Hanagid St., Jerusalem, 02-6253653, (see Monday’s schedule for details).

Exhibit dealing with the themes of transgender spirituality, space and time, Dayla, 4 Shlom Tsion Ha´malka, Jerusalem 02-6234233, 16:00 – midnight, (see Monday’s schedule for details).

Eli Vardi, Bayit Katan, Baka, 80 Hevron Rd., 02-6714888, 9 a.m. – 1 a.m.

Award-winning Israeli artist presenting homoerotic paintings and drawings.

High and Low Tides, Agripas 12 Gallery, Jerusalem, 16:00-23:00, 02-6233257

A group exhibition presenting paintings, photos, illustrations and sculptures.


Experiencing the Arabic language through love songs, Bat Shalom, 18:00, 14 King George St., Jerusalem, floor 1.

An experiential encounter with the Arabic language through Arabic Pop songs with a take on Arab dance. Hosted by dancer and Eastern culture expert Alon Ben Yehuda.

Kingdom of Jerusalem 2006, The Yellow Submarine (Zolelet Zehuba), 22:30, 13 Harechavim St., Talpiot, Jerusalem, NIS 30-35, 02-6794040

An evening of drag kings and international gender shows, featuring local and foreign royalty


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