Monday, October 02, 2006

Hide Outs

One of the toughest things for me about moving to the Israel has been the lack of "finished spaces". Those of you who are olim may know what I am taking about right away, but for those of you dear folks still in the comfort of the US, let me explain. Here in Israel, you can go visit the Gucci boutique at Kikar HaMedina in Tel Aviv, and have water dripped on you as you walk in the shop from the air conditioning unit above the door. There are very few places that have the organization and cleanliness of typical American suburbia. The point isn't that I want Israel to become sterile, suburban USA. I just want to get away from time to time to a clean, quiet, dust free, organized space. In Jerusalem you can find that at many museums - the Israel Museum in particular is a refuge of quiet and clean.

Tel Aviv at first glance appears to be an ugly, noisy, dirty city. It's first impression is total crap. But don't judge Tel Aviv by it's cover - there's more here than meets the eye. There are even cool, clean spaces. My friend Lisa Goldman highlights some of them in a recently released guide book for Tel Aviv that is beautiful, informative and fun.

Over the past weekend and Yom Kippur holiday, I've had a chance to read this book and enjoy the beautiful images. This book takes you past the surface grit and grime of Tel Aviv to a cultured and playful heart. AND there are lots of clean, organized, beautiful "finished" places to visit.

City Guide Tel Aviv is a great book for the tourist visit Israel or perfect gift for the Israeli abroad that finds her/himself a little homesick. You can read more about the guide here. It's also available at Amazon. Be sure to check out Lisa's blog too for more info about this project.

I am a big fan of fair and balanced reporting. So:


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